Don't Sweat The Technique

This week we sat down the Dan Roseman, A Bitcoin compliance advisor at Coinbase. Luke got the chance to live and travel with Dan on a Globekick trip in 2016. Where he convinced Luke to buy Bitcoin at $700, just 8 months later we at Bitcoin has hit an all time high of $1700!


  • Dan went from the traditional real estate culture to the mysterious world of digital currencies back in 2013 at Coinbase. (Where I personally do all my investing as well)
  • Started up Coinality, a job board for people who want to trade services for bitcoin. Gain traction of over 1,000 + members in the first month. The most common job is setting up online merchants with Bitcoin!
  • Benefits of traveling with Bitcoin?  No laws from transacting in Bitcoin as an individual. China an Russia are beginning to tighten down on the on and off ramps for exchanges.

Digital Nomad Life

  • Around 50% of Coinbase employees are remote.
  • To build good remote teams, Dan suggest trusting in the hiring process and hiring PASSIONATE & SELF MOTIVATED people.
  • Globekick provided him with the tools and confidence to travel and become a digital nomad.
    **Even though it was the shower at BlueSock hostels in Porto that solidified our relationship, taking it back quick to that wild Halloween night at Dracula's Castle in Romania. (Dan on Left, Luke on the Right)


    • Best Hostel: Blue Sock Hostels
    • #1 Travel Recommendations: Lisbon, Portugal
    • Craziest Travel Moment: Getting dropped off in Morocco,

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    Join us next week when Luke, Mike, and Jamal talk “Fugazis”.