Travables Returns, Exchange, Guarantee and Warranty


30 Day NO QUESTIONS ASKED test run Return policy: With a successful purchase from an of our authorized dealers, you have 30 days to give it a spin around the block or try it out on your upcoming trip. You remember that time you purchased those overpriced shirt, pants, and tie for your friends wedding? Then quickly returned it so you could pay for that 6 pack? Well…this serves the same purchase.

What’s the catch? Of course we have to pay for the cost of the bag, but good thing is all returned bags go to our “Hostel Deals”. All lightly used bags for the budget traveler. Depending how this goes, we do hope to offer these used bags towards our humanitarian efforts overseas


1 Year Zipper Guarantee: Broken zippers suck, you know the classic split zipper. We can’t guarantee this won’t happen once in a blue moon with your bag, in the rare case it does. Call us, and we’ll have your bag fixed up in no time.

**All products under $20 come with lifetime warranty. This is with an exception of stain, spills, and general wear and tear.


1 Year Exchange Warranty: Again, how can we do this? Remember that “Hostel Deals” we mentioned in the 30 Day no questions asked return? Well don’t end up liking your bag, or looking at upgrading? Pay the return shipping to Kansas and flat $20 shipping and handling fee worldwide, we’ll credit you your full purchase value of your original bag!