Cleaning Your Travables

What You Will Need:

 Soft cleaning cloth

 Mild liquid facial or body soap (such as Dove or Neutrogena)

 Distilled water*

 Bowl or small bucket

 Warm water

 Sponge or soft rag

 Dry towel

 Water-based leather protector/conditioner (found in most leather clothing or furniture stores)
*It is best to use distilled water because tap water may contain chlorine and other contaminants which can damage the surface of the leather.

The Cleaning Process:

1. Empty all contents from your purse.

2. Open your purse wide, unzipping all interior pockets and turn it upside down,

shaking vigorously to dislodge all loose dirt and debris.

3. Wipe out the interior of the purse with a soft cleaning cloth (dry).

4. Mix a few drops of liquid soap with about two cups of distilled water, mixing

until suds form.

5. Dip your sponge or soft rag into the soapy water and wring out thoroughly, so

that it is barely wet.

6. Wipe the leather surface of the purse with the damp rag.

7. Dry thoroughly with the towel, buffing as you go to restore luster.

8. Buff the surface with the forth clean rag to restore luster.

9. Treat surface with leather protector/conditioner as per product instructions.