If you’re worried about leaving your life and moving abroad, your worries may be unfounded.

In previous episodes of the No Fugazi Hour, we’ve discussed common misconceptions that keep people from traveling and addressed how to build a community  abroad. This may be a good time to revisit those podcasts.

If it’s the fear of losing your people, and the social anxiety surrounding meeting new people that’s keeping you from taking the risk, you’ll be happy to know that people are the same all around the world.

Take the country of China for example. I’m an American who has lived in the north of China and the south of China. The Chinese people as an aggregate are different from the American people, but when you drill down to the individual level, you’ll find the Chinese people remarkably similar to the people you know in America. I’ve made friends with Chinese people that have similar values, traits, humor and interests as my friends back in America, and it’s not hard.

What it comes down to is “like attracts like” (some people refer to this as “your vibe attracts your tribe”, but I’ve seen too many Fugazis refer to it in that way).

Be yourself, and be confidently yourself, and as you make your way through this world, you will surround yourself naturally and inevitably with people who are like you and complementary to your personality.

If it’s the uncertainty of losing the security of your job and your things, there are bountiful opportunities to make money abroad while traveling. The Happy Passport lays out 5 easy ways to make money while traveling HERE.

They say “If you’re one foot out the door, leave.” If you’re even thinking about leaving your job, it may be a good option to take one of the aforementioned opportunities. Life is too short to stay in a position that doesn’t serve your life goals or your interest just for the sake of comfort.

Take a risk. Worst case, you’ll grow from it.