Deep Talk

You hate small talk. Everyone does.

How many opportunities to get to REALLY know someone do we pass up daily just because small talk is easier, more comfortable, than really getting to know them?

How much do you know about the closest people in your life?

In this week’s No Fugazi Hour, master of personal relationships Evan of trekyeah shares how he has moved past small talk and built deep relationships.

While taking a course to become an ESL teacher in Vietnam, Evan was amazed by the unique walks of life all his classmates came from, and their unique stories. This inspired him to start a Youtube series called: “Going Deep”.



Key points:

  • Under the premise of an “interview”, people open up. “You can ask them questions about who they really are, and I never would’ve thought it would be that easy.”
  • You’ve gotta get people comfortable first, ask them where they’re from and who they are at first. 

Evan’s favorite questions:

  • What do you want to do before you die?
  • Follow up: If you knew you would die tomorrow, what would you do today?
  • What’s the most important thing you’ve learned in the last 5 years?
  • Tell me about a time when you were the happiest you’ve ever been.
  • What’s a time you’ve lost hope?


These questions, and more, can help you “Go Deep” with the people in your lives to strengthen your relationships.


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