3 Tips For Building Romantic Relationships as a Location Independent Digital Nomad

So you’ve achieved location independence. You are no longer tied to the structures of the 20th century, you move effortlessly across the globe following wifi to wifi with only your interests and values guiding your curiosity. Congratulations.

Unfortunately, not everyone you meet has the freedom you have.

A potential problem arises if you, like I do, enjoy dating locals while traveling.

It is important to put things in your life through the filters of your value system to see if the things that come into your life work with the way you see the world. This includes people.

Tip 1: Open and Up-front Communication
As with all things, open and upfront communication is crucial to any of this working, and should be implemented at the beginning of the relationship to let both parties in this know what they are in store for.

Tip 2: Introduce a “Bend-or-Break Point” Early On
By introducing a bend-or-break point early in the relationship, as things are starting to get more serious, you are creating the portal to an alternate reality where the two of you maintain your relationship through location-independence. When the situation is introduced, the possibility of the relationship working is introduced, as is the possibility for the relationship to fail. Now all that needs be done is to choose consciously to act out the reality where the relationship works, or choose to act out the alternative.

In this way, you will not be sacrificing your value of location independence for the relationship, altering who you are and what you believe. You will also either come through this bend-or-break point with a stronger, more tested partnership, or well on your way to find a relationship that works.

Tip 3: Dating Apps
While Tinder can be useful to find other digital nomads, it’s not the perfect platform. Other websites and platforms are stepping up to fill the void of location-independent dating, such as nomadsoulmates.com. Stay tuned as these develop.



Walker Thompson | Trekyeah