Episode #3 | "Challenge Yourself" with Kristina Vitale


This week we sit down with Kristina Vitale from "I Wont Not", and the Queen of Challenges takes us through her startup adventure from the Fuck It moment to the community of comfort zone challenges she is building in Austin Texas and beyond.

Cliff Notes:
1- I Won't Not = The cross sections of "Just Do It" and "YOLO"
2- Used “I Won’t Not” to overcome the FUCK IT Fear
3- "My finance degree no longer aligned with my goals and values”
4- Globekick remote work program provided me a network of creative thinkers and entrepreneur that I previously didn’t have.
5- Mike and Luke took on the "Big Ball Challenge" and addressed the boys confidence and fear of routine.
6- Kristina's entrepreneur hurdles (selling & coming to face with your weaknesses)
7- Fidget Spinner Sensation!!!
8- Dating tips from a true Emotional Intelligence wizard

"Smile Pass It On" 

Girls got pick up moves for days! You're ever in Austin, call her up for a wing girl.

Travel Tips:
1- Favorite Hostel = Wombat Hostels in Vienna
2- Favorite Airbnb= Shipping Container in Pheonix. Complimentary big fluffy bunnies
3- Craziest Travel Experience = Taking a trick from Indiana Jones and jumping from train to train in India

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