Episode #2 | "Young Hustle" with Bentz Creative


Hi Yah,

A week on the run as the team put together the Travables promo video shoot with none of than Alex Bentzinger (And Family) from Bentz Creative. An absolute stud in the Kansas City video scene, and continues to put out some World Class promotional videos for young Kansas City companies and beyond.


Sorry for Luke once again running his mouth a little too much, got a short one this week as some of the audio was "lost in the loud", we'll blame this one on Jamal this week.


Cliff Notes:
1- Bentz tells us why he dropped out of school after the first semester
2- Drops a couple tips on how to pick up girls
3- A few pieces of advice on those graduating highschool and college this year.


^^Bentz tearing up another "White Board Talk"

Tune in next week as we dig deep into some Emotional Intelligence and Relationship tips with Kristina Vitale from "I Wont Not"